Friday, September 10, 2004


Dear CBS

Dear CBS, when George Stephanopoulis took over This Week on ABC, I emailed the news department that I believed that Stephanopoulis was a shill for the Clintons and I would no longer watch the show, a show that up to that point had been a fixture of my Sunday TV fare. Whenever, I saw that ABC was having trouble with the ratings for This Week, I emailed the ABC news department and reiterated my reason for not watching their show. I have not watched "the shill" since. Now CBS, I want you to know I will no longer watch 60 Minutes. This show was, also, a fixture of our Sunday nights. We planned dinner around the show; eating before 60 Minutes. We planned activities around the show inorder to be home in time for 60 Minutes. I stayed loyal even though you did a puff piece on Bill Clinton so he could publicly deny any involvement with Jennifer Flowers and it saved his political ass. I even continued to watch after 60 Minutes repeatedly interviewed guests with new books, published by a sister company, that were designed to defeat George W Bush. Now I've had enough! This latest attempt to dishonor George W Bush using forged documents is the last straw. I know, I know, what took me so long? I gave up on the nightly news with Dan Rather some time ago. I guess I wanted to be part of the national experience, you know where everyone talks about 60 Minutes on Monday around the water cooler. Well, CBS, I'm done with 60 Minutes. I am not going to watch a show that is a shill for the left and is opposed to my political views.

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