Saturday, September 04, 2004


How do minds get changed?

I am as passionate about the candidacy of W '04 as all those in my neighborhood with their Kerry lawn signs. I have "I Support the President" on my rear car bumper. I notice who has a sticker and who doesn't. I felt pride for my president and his words at the RNC and was amazed today at the reaction from co-workers who supported Kerry. My small sampling revealed no mind changes during the day. The speech was an explanation point that started with the Swift Boat Vets and ended the campaign of JFKerry. I was amazed as I drove home and saw the same number of Kerry lawn signs. I guess I expected that at least some of their owners would see the shame of supporting a man who was wrong on so many issues.
I expect no argument when I say, "1+1 =2. If someone says 1+1=3, I know what three looks like and can prove that 1+1 does not equal 3. There seems to be no rational way to get through to people who believe the opposite of me. Either they live in denial or don't find the evidence persuasive or don't believe my sources. I wonder how do people on opposite sides ever reach any sort of agreement. Take the Israel/Palestine conflict; can there ever be peace without one side wiping out the other side completely? My wife says "Thou Shalt Not Kill!" However we kill all the time. We kill the unborn, the State kills the guilty, we kill the enemy, and I kill bugs without a second thought.

Killed A Bug

I killed a bug the other day for fun

Squashed between the sink and tub.

Not one second passed before my deed was done

Life snuffed out, but here’s the rub

Is it that easy to take a life?

Or is the difference the size?

Could a large husband take out a small wife

Or think a moment, otherwise?

The Hindi don't beieve in killing cattle or bugs for fear that through reincarnation, they may be killing a relative, I guess, but the do believe in killing people in war.
If I'm a politician how do I convince people to vote for me? Are all elections decided by the small pool of undecideds? Do I want to base everything on people who can be pushed and pulled? Isn't their virtue in sticking to your guns?

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