Monday, September 20, 2004


Let us not leave until the job is done

Robert Novak wrote a column today titled "Quick exit from Iraq is Likely" in which he says that inside the Bush Administration policy apparatus there is a call for a quick exit from Iraq next year; kind of like call it victory and go home. Novak is saying it is enough to have rid Iraq of Saddam. The dream of building democracy would be abandoned.

Ali writing in Iraq the Model says :
Not only is Iraq part of the war on Terrorism, but a democratic, free not an adventure and this is not a neo-conservative dream. This is OUR dream. The dream of millions of oppressed Iraqis who saw what dictatorship can do and who were dying to witness a moment of freedom, to live a peaceful life, a life that carries hope and make dreams not that impossible, a life similar to yours, or is it too much to hope for? We had this dream before anyone heard about neo -conservative

I am saddened that we could be talking like this. Shame on us, if we leave before the job is done, for squandering our armed forces that serve there now, that have been wounded there, and that have died there. Shame on us for asking those mothers and fathers, spouses and children to sacrifice while their loved ones volunteered to rid the world of an evil and believed we would deliver an opportunity for liberty.

We did it in Korea. The job was half done. Look at the difference in health, life and liberty between the North and South. How many millions of men, women and children have died in the North.
We did it in Eastern Europe. We fought WWII to rid the world of a great evil, but did not come to the aid of those who tried to revolt against the Russian oppression, thus left the job half done.
We did it in Viet Nam. The job was half done. How many millions died after we left in Viet Nam, Laos, and the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

If we leave Iraq without finishing the job, we are saying the dream of liberty and freedom that the US has, is not for you. You can dream, but we will not help. We will be saying to our children and grandchildren that we did not value, enough, freedom and liberty. For you it is a dream.
Let us not leave until the job is done.

PS After I posted this, I saw that Victor Davis Hanson wrote similar sentiments on Sept. 17th, 2004, titled SeeYa Iraq? Leaving now would be a Disaster

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