Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Peter Ames Carlin in The Oregonian on Tuesday Sept. 21, 2004 is trying to tell us that 'Rather-gate' is not personal, it was just business. It was all about the "never-ending quest for the Get".

"What's more( he adds), the fundamental gist of the CBS story -- that Bush used his father's influence to secure a spot in the Texas National Guard, failed to take a required physical in the summer of 1972 and can't account for his service between then and the summer of 1973 -- remains unchallenged.

In fact, a lengthy, deeply sourced story in Monday's New York Times confirmed all that and more"

Peter maybe you should rely less on the NYT and reread Byron Yorks devastation of this piece of Urban Legend.
Bush’s National Guard years
Before you fall for Dems’ spin, here are the facts By Byron York from The Hill

Basically, what Carlin is saying is that when you "know" the story is true, but you don't have the facts, it is ok to tell the story anyway.

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