Sunday, September 12, 2004


"The Ways of the Hose and the Frustrations of the Sprinklers"

Every month Cecelia Maben visits my home dropping off a one page sheet showing the price of homes in our neighborhood compiled from the Realtors Multiple Listing Service. I always look forward to her delivery for I can see at a glance how home prices are advancing and compare ours to other homes in our area. Cecelia always has a column of her observations gathered from her walk. I found this poetic description of hoses and sprinklers tucked by the doorknob a few months ago:

"The Ways Of The Hose And The Frustrations Of The Sprinklers

Since I go to 4400 homes per month, I have the opportunity of seeing all kinds of hoses nd have to dodge water from sprinklers. Have you thought about how many colors of hoses there are today? It makes watering more fun and you can match your house. They come in red, yellow, lavender, turquise, blue and all shades of green. They are like snakes with stripes and reptile skins. Sometimes they are coiled up in ceramic pots with a sprayer attached making them look like a cobra. I see them tucked neatly along the edge of a flower bed as if waiting for their prey. I have seen them hanging over porch rails or tree branches, or wrapped around hose hangers or in boxes. I have seen the boxes empty with the hoses tangled up beside them. Occasionally, there are several tangled up together like snakes fighting. The newest kind of hoses are those coiled up kind. I have seen them looking like a well used 'slinky toy'. I am sure there are some of you that hate the untidiness of them. I am always glad when I can put them away for the winter so I don't have to look at them for awhile.
The sprinklers are a real frustration for me. I can't count how many varieties I have tried and none are perfect for every situation. The last one had a stake that goes into the ground and it broke off when it hit a rock after a few uses. At one store they had 15 varieties of sprinklers and probably at least that many varieties of nozzles and wands for spraying. I have three of those - the last one was purchased with all these great settings and it is a pretty green. I have decided the best way to water my flowers and garden is to do a rain dance and pray for rain. It is so much easier."

Thanks Cecelia!
BTW, you can reach Cecelia Maben
at Pete Anderson Realty (503) 281-4965 or (503) 256-9723

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