Tuesday, September 21, 2004


The Weather, It is a Changin'

Interesting headline on Drudge: Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Glaciers once held up by a floating ice shelf off Antarctica are now sliding off into the sea -- and they are going fast, scientists said on Tuesday.

This reminded me of site
I came across in my surfing:
Not by Fire but by Ice

The first article points out that now that part of the Antarctic shelf the size of Rhode Island broke off, the glacier that fed the shelf is moving up to eight (8) times faster than before to the sea. The fear is that if the glaciers melt, the sea level could rise up to 16 feet. I guess Florida could stop worrying about hurricanes.

The second article is based on a recent book states we are not being told that many glaciers are expanding. Some examples would be the glacier on Mt. St. Helens has increased by nearly 50 feet per year; the growing Nisqually Glacier in Washington State; growing glaciers on Mt. Shasta, doubling in size since 1950 etc.

We are experiencing some incredible climate changes. A recent special on TV hosted by Alan Alda showed dramatically the changes and warming taking place in Alaska. The earth appears to be warming, either by human intervention or naturally as the earth cycles between warming and cooling. To me the jury is still out. (After all ancients used to believe that a spear thrown through the air could effect the weather. What hubris we humans have!)
But, what do we make of growing glaciers?


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