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Anatomy of a Thread about Kerry-Bush IQ

As a newby blogger, I was intrigued by the complaint of David M that he had been plagarized by Dave's Blurbs and how it had cost him reads and clickthrus. When you are trying to build traffic, a connection to a high traffic blog is important. I saw my traffic jump when I got a mention in Hugh Hewitt's blog. We also want to get credit if we are first or near the top of a developing story. Sometimes I try to anticipate whats going to catch the news cycle's attention or try to be out in front with an article that I think will attract interest in the future. I can then be classed as an expert (?). An overriding factor: it has to be of interest to me! So it was interesting to see how the information disseminated from the V-Dare article that was published October 21st.

1)October 21 V-Dare Article

2)October 22 at 3:02AM Mickey Kaus writes
Is Kerry Really That Smart?--Part II:

"Does anyone in America doubt that Kerry has a higher IQ than Bush?"--Howell Raines, WaPo, August 27, 2004

Er, yes, someone does! [What makes him so sure?-ed He's got proof!] 3:02 A.M.

3)October 22, 2004 Prestopundit writes

UPDATE: The NY Times is now running the story.
PS Steve Sailer emailed me with the IQ story, that's how
I got it. -- prestopundit

4)October 22 Friday Polipundit writes
President Bush has a higher IQ than John Kerry (link via KausFiles)
-- PoliPundit

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5) Mover Mike posted about it after seeing Prestopundit at 1:48 AM PDT on 10/23.
Prestopundit BUSH VS. KERRY -- OFFICER TEST SCORES has a link to some incredible research done by Steve Sailer at VDare about the IQ's of Kerry and Bush. The results might surprise you!

6)Betsy's Page posted at 8:57PM on 10/23.
The New York Times (!!!!) picks up the story that Bush has a higher IQ than Kerry.
posted by Betsy Newmark 8:57 PM

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7)David M posted at 10:47 PM on 10/23
Bush's IQ greater than Kerry's according to new study
Who beat us all,
Bush higher SAT score than John Kerry (vanity) (vanity) by SideoutFred on October 9, 2004
Thrasymachus Online
Kerry's IQ

Looks like Steve Sailer has divined John Kerry's IQ from his AFQT and is ready to publish on VDARE Thursday. The Bush-Kerry comparison will be interesting. According to Sailer, estimates of Bush's IQ based on his SAT are 120 or a bit higher.
October 19, 2004 at 06:44 PM

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