Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Before Bedtime Tuesday Night

Congrats BoSox, only one team has come back from being down 3-0, and you know who did it. Put the curse to bed!
Mover Mike

Mitch Battros has some interesting posts on Earth Changes TV. First, he asks if recent volcanic activity (Mt. St. Helens) be related to El Nino. He quotes a source Robert Felix, author of "Not By Fire, But By Ice" that says "it's not global warming, it's ocean warming" Seems that "in the last decade thousands of...underwater volcanoes have been discovered."
Second, for the most part, the Kalama River is a small creek coming off Mt. St. Helens that is so clear you can read a newspaper underwater, that is, unless the mountain is going to blow. Then the locals say it turns a milky white color. They say it happened before the first major eruption that knocked 1300 feet off the top of the mountain and it happened just recently before this last eruption. Scientists studying the mountain say "no way that it could happen", but that doesn't convince the local fly fishermen.
Mover Mike

World Net Daily has another story about Kerry and some fundraiser "Hassan Nemazee, 54, a New York investment banker and former board member of a pro-Tehran lobby" who has raised $500,000 for Kerry.
Nemazee charges Aryo Pirouznia with defamation of character for accusing him of being an Iranian government agent. In a countersuit, Pirouznia, leader of the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran. contends that supporters of the cleric-led regime are funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Kerry campaign.

Kerry recommended in the debates that he would provide Iran with nuclear fuel and then monitor them to make sure the material wasn't used for development of nuclear weapons.
But when questioned under oath about the nature of the Islamic regime, Nemazee admitted it was sympathetic to terrorism and presented a threat to the world and the U.S.
Nemazee warned that Kerry should do nothing to lend credibility to the regime and that normalizing relations with Iran would be a mistake.
Is it just me or does Kerry seem awfully cozy with Anti-Americans?
Mover Mike

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