Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Evidence of Global Warming

I'm convinced that we are experiencing global warning, just not convinced that man's burning of fossil fuel is the reason. My understanding is that there have been periods in the past, confirmed by ice cores where CO2 has been much higher than today, before man could be blamed. That doesn't mean that there are some things happening where there is no historical record of ever happening before. Today, Whitley Streiber's Unknown Country has an article about Fish Turning Up In Strange Places.
In British Columbia, fisherman Gudy Gudmundseth caught the first Humboldt squid ever seen in that area. At 6½ feet and 44-pounds, it was an amazing catch.
James A. Cosgrove, of the B.C. Royal British Columbia Museum, says, "It seems silly to get excited about a dead squid, but it has such great implications. This is an animal that should be down in South America, not in British Columbia or Alaska."
While Canadians are trying to figure out how giant squids came so far north, people in Vermont are wondering where all their monarch butterflies are.

In another article Streiber says,
Levels of carbon dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere are sharply increasing, which means that climate change may occur sooner than expected.
Streiber and Art Bell are the authors of The Day After Tomorrow, from which the movie of the same name was based.

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