Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Is The Oregonian Biased?

In the Sunrise Edition of The Oregonian on 10/26/04 is this top of the fold headline: Kerry seizes on explosives issue
The Democrat goes on the attack, calling losing the 377-ton cache a great blunder, as President Bush talks of terrorism
Now, I knew that the story credited to the New York Times News Service had already been discredited and the news of coordination with CBS News was out. I suspected that The Oregonian had gone to press to late to correct the story.
In the Sunrise Edition of The Oregonian on 10/27/04, I expected some sort of retraction, however nothing on the front page except for this on A4:
Kerry's latest ad accuses the Bush Administration of failing to secure nearly 400 tons of explosives that are missing from a military installation south of Baghdad.
Vice President Cheney is quoted as saying it is not clear that there were explosives there when we arrived.
Then I turned to the editorial page and The Oregonian runs this editorial, No clouding this Iraq story, Clearly, the missing explosives are an appalling concern amount of dissonance from the talk jocks and conservative Internet bloggers is likely to shoot down the troubling story that The New York Times broke Monday.

First, we don't know if anything vanished as The New York Times charges.
Then The Oregonian said we were warned by the IAEA. But the IAEA called them conventional weapons. We have captured or destroyed 400,000 tons of explosives and armaments, out of 600,000 tons.
I think it is easy to sit back and Monday-morning quarterback. What's more troubling is the lack of journalism on The Oregonian's part, and the parroting the talking points of the Kerry campaign. Where's the outrage about CBS News and The New York Times trying to influence the election at the last minute?
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