Friday, October 15, 2004


I've Got A Plan...

Bill at Cactus Road posted, "This Guy (Kerry) Has More Plans Than MCI"
According to Team Kerry, their five-point energy plan to make America safer, stronger, and more secure will:
1)Create an Energy Security Trust Fund
2)Reduce Energy Bills for American Consumers
3)Diversify Sources of Energy
4)Avoid Blackouts
5)Create 21st Century Energy Jobs

Over at,
ICONOMICS by R. Bastiat
outlines a representative sample, from A to Z, of the new and expanded programs he (Kerry) is proposing on top of his trillion-dollar add-on to government-funded healthcare:

After-school care for every child in America, AIDS initiatives, Amtrak expansion in sparsely populated rural areas, augmented benefits for veterans and military reservists, child-care grants to states, college tuition grants in exchange for community service, a Community Defense Service to organize Americans under "community service captains," a community service program for teenagers, conservation schemes, an "energy independence" project, farm subsidies, firefighter hiring subsidies, grants to states for tax relief, Head Start program expansion, housing subsidies, job-training initiatives, Native American funding and programs, No Child Left Behind expansion, renewable-energy subsidies, a Retired not Tired service program enlisting senior citizens, school construction and repair subsidies, scientific research funding, small-business subsidies, subsidies to private companies to provide health and retirement benefits, technology development subsidies, training of professionals to prevent childhood obesity, transportation and medical services for the disabled, venture capital investments by government, and zapping drug abuse with expanded treatment and prevention programs.

That list covers fewer than half of Kerry's spending proposals, but I'm sure you get the main idea: Big Brother will take care of you anywhere and everywhere, in all possible ways.

Moral: The more the government meddles the more dependent we become, the more we pay in taxes, or the more debt we have, or the more inflation we have. I thought the duty of the Federal Government was to protect our borders and to do for us what we could not do for ourselves.
Mover Mike

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