Friday, October 22, 2004


Kerry's Record and Job Losses in One State, Nevada

Some of my Lib friends (yes, I do have them) think if Kerry were to win the election, that the economy would "right" itself and that there would be no more outsourcing saving jobs, we would be energy independent, we would restore the tax bite on the rich, and the economy would be humming again. Yesterday I cited Le Metropole. Let me share with you a letter that was quoted in the appendix:
Open Letter from the Mining Community to Senator John Kerry Regarding His Position on Mining

October 21, 2004

Dear Senator Kerry,

You stand before the American people day after day and promise more jobs under a Kerry Administration. Yet your policies and record in the U.S. Senate prove these promises empty. The time has come for you to explain your positions and stop misleading the people of Nevada and this country about what a Kerry presidency would really lead to: higher taxes, rapid job loss and more government regulation.

Mining is vital to the Nevada economy, and behind South Africa and Australia, this state is the third-largest producer of gold in the world. Yet you propose increasing fees on mineral mining by $600 million, a position you have failed to defend to the people of this state.

The reality is the results of your proposal would devastate the hard rock mining industry, costing as many as 44,000 jobs nationwide. For someone who is promising Nevadans jobs, here alone are 44,000 broken promises.

Studies show that your policies would result in a net loss to the Federal Treasury of up to $500 million, an earnings loss of $1.2 billion and an output loss of more than $6 billion. How can you promise a "stronger" economy when the word that best describes your fiscal policies is "loss"? Not only is your liberal ideology out of the mainstream, you are personally out of touch with the Nevada economy.

You have continually sided against the people, economy and interests of this state, so much so that you have repeatedly broken with your own party. How can you lead as President when even fellow Democrats abandon you?

When it was time to overturn a Clinton-era, environmentalist-backed legal interpretation of 1872 mining law that your colleague, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), referred to as "disastrous," you said no. Reid later declared the successful reversal, which brought mining out of a virtual standstill, "good for our economy, good for our nation and good for Nevada." Time after time, Sen. Kerry, you have been on the wrong side of issues important to us.

The working people of Nevada have for too long been asking themselves where you are and what you really stand for, and the time has come for you to clearly explain what convictions you hold. Frankly, Sen. Kerry, we find what we have seen thus far unimpressive and unacceptable.

Your record in the Senate is appalling. You missed a vote to cut the capital gains tax on investments in precious metals which Nevada Senators Reid and Ensign supported. You voted for repealing tax breaks available to hard rock mining companies, legislation which Nevada Senators Reid and Bryan voted against. You have voted to limit the tax deductions of mining companies while also supporting harmful royalty requirements on the mining industry. Where does it all end?

We can only assume that your failures as a Senator will translate into failures as a President, only on a much greater scale. Before you claim to have a plan for creating jobs, you must explain to the people of Nevada why you choose to deny them theirs.


The Northwest Mining Association

CONTACT: Tracey Schmitt (703) 647-2790

John F Kerry is a Liberal and his policies will not help business create jobs!
Mover Mike

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