Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Looking for Some Outrage, Jack

Jack at Jack Bog's Blog got upset, rightfully so, at three women wearing t-shirts that said “Protect Our Civil Liberties,” who were kicked out of a Bush campaign stop in Medford, OR by an overzealous security person. Rightfully so, again.
Please show the same outrage at the incident at a campaign stop by Edwards:
During a recent campaign appearance in West Palm by the sue-happy senator, professional clown Jack "Banjo" Williams of Delray Beach showed up early to nab himself a good spot.

"Before the start of the speech, 70-year-old Williams worked the crowd in a star-spangled outfit that made him look like a patriotic Raggedy Andy with a top hat. Williams, a retired social worker, pulled an American flag from his clenched fist for a bit of magic. 'This flag right here doesn't belong to the Republicans,' he said. But the trick drew the ire of an Edwards camp volunteer. All signs and flags are outlawed at the event, Banjo was frostily informed," New Times reported

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