Saturday, October 09, 2004


Saturday, Before Leaving for the Beach

In case you missed it, Cactus Road has Newly Discovered 1968 Letter from John F. Kerry to Ted Kennedy! apparently typed on the same typewriter as the documents that were meant to discredit Pres. Bush brought to us by CBS.
Chuck Muth at Chuck Muth's News and Views has some post debate after-thoughts and this is a gem:
* MLK said, “I have a dream.” JFK Jr. says - over and over and over and over and over and over again - “I have a plan.” Got crabgrass in your lawn? Kerry has “a plan.” Ring around the collar? Kerry has “a plan.” Leaky faucet? Kerry has “a plan.” A plan for this. A plan for that. To every season...plan, plan, plan. There’s a plan for every purpose...under heaven. Which - with apologies to my friend Adrian Cronauer - begs the question: Where have all these plans been for the last 20 years? Kerry’s been in the Senate since the mid-80s. If he has the answers to all the world’s problems, why hasn’t he offered up his “plans” as legislation before now? Are they “secret plans”?

Those French! Voted against us in the UN Security Council, sold equipment to Sadaam and involved in the Oil-For-Food Scandal, now as reported by Jonathan Marks at Critical Distance BV Weblog
a French firm has sold China equipment to jam foreign broadcasts
"It is regrettable that a French company is involved in setting up a "great wall of sound" that violates the right of free access to information for hundreds of millions of people..."

From on High gives some market speculation advice. Why am I bringing this up, you ask? This is the first time I recall that someone has said anything positive about GOLD in a public forum or one I didn't pay money to subscribe to. For what it's worth, I think it is excellent advice. There was a rule of thumb that GOLD would trade at 15 times the price of Oil. Now oil traded as high as $53 per barrel on Friday, that would mean GOLD which closed at $422.30 Cash, should be at $795!

Hugh Hewitt declares:
John Kerry has decisively defined himself as the Neville Chamberlain of the new century, the candidate of summits and sanctions, of Kyoto and the International Criminal Court, of appeasement of North Korea and Iran

If GOLD is one subject that gets little attention, Michelle Malkin talks about the other subject that gets little attention, and not in the debates:

...immigration and border security.

Finally, let me raise an issue that I raised in my very first blog (the ultimate vanity post, quoting myself)
Are all elections decided by the small pool of undecideds? Do I want to base everything on people who can be pushed and pulled?
I read that after two presidential debates and one Vice-presidential debate the "undecideds" are still undecided. Who the hell cares what these people think!

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