Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Some Random Thoughts...

Did you notice that in the first debate Kerry criticised Bush for not securing the nuclear facilities when we invaded Iraq? In the second debate he criticised Bush for not securing the Ammo dumps when we invaded Iraq. What happened during the two debates? Why the change in wording? Why not repeat the same charge? Did Kerry realize that if there were nuclear facilities that might be evidence of WMD's and thus a threat? If there were no nuke WMD's why is the IAEA worried about nuclear facilities smuggled out of Iraq and found in other countries?

Article in the Belmont Club about the beheading of Kenneth Bigley and that future captives should be written off to reduce the threat of further kidnappings. I was struck by this paragraph, which I think is truer than most would believe:
Radical Islam is self-evidently at war with the West because their efforts are limited only by their capability. And the West is just as clearly not yet at war with radical Islam because its actions are still limited by its intent. Zarqawi sawed off Bigley's head simply because he could; America spares Fallujah from choice.

Michael Moore alleges that President Bush has a family relationship with Saudi Arabia that is unhealthy for the American people. Hammorabi has an insightful article about
The Role of Saudi Arabia in Iraq. He says,
"The Saudis are playing a dirty game to keep the volatile security situation in Iraq. Though not declared like Syria and Iran the Saudi role is to destabilise peace in Iraq and to fail the US plan there. They are not in favour of GWB though JK spoke about substitute for their oil but he gave no explanation how so as difficult to trust."

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