Sunday, October 17, 2004


Sunday October 17, 2004

Code Words
The old, bald guy at Mongo's Mutterings deciphers liberal words and phrases for us, for example:
the rich, the wealthy = you
e.g. 'We'll fund things by taxing the rich.'

fair = huge, enormous
e.g. 'Everyone needs to pay their fair share.'

progressive (n.) = shrill left-wing nut
e.g. 'Michael Moore is a prominent progressive.'

If you watch current television you may be amazed at what is said on television. Some call it a coarsening of society. A few years back I wrote a poem that pointed out this change:
Code Words

They’re on the airwaves
they’re in the news
words that you and me couldn’t use.

You douche bag!

Douche bags and condoms
used on places we didn’t know we had
when we were kids.

Mort Sahl and Lenny Bruce
knew all the words
that were scandalous to say aloud.
And now those words are flaunted
before daughters, on the silver screens.

No body function’s sacred.
Ad agencies must bill time in millions
for code words new, to name a few:

Sexual Reassignment
Nutrient Dense
Monostat 7

Did you read The Mesopotamian Saturday? In The American Elections he has two reasons for the re-election of Bush:
1)if President Bush is reelected, this will prove to them that the American people are not intimidated despite all their brutality, and that their cause is quite futile. Yes there is little doubt that an election victory by President Bush would be a severe blow and a great disappointment for all the terrorists in the World and all the enemies of America. I believe that such an outcome would result in despair and demoralization of the “insurgent elements” here in Iraq, and would lead to the pro-democracy forces gaining the upper hand eventually.
2)If you lose this war, you are no more, and you will have to withdraw within you boundaries cringing and waiting for terror to strike you in your homeland, afraid to move around, afraid to travel, afraid to do business abroad. You will have to see all your friends abroad annihilated and intimidated and nobody will have any confidence or trust in you anymore. And you will have to watch from far with bitterness the forces of darkness and evil taking over in many parts of this earth, with feelings of impotence and inability to do anything about it. In other words you would lose all credibility, and the fiends of terror and obscurantism would go triumphantly dancing the macabre dance of mayhem and death, and darkness would descend and obliterate the light and the hope.
Pretty tough words.

Then late today(MIKE'S NOTE, SUIT WAS FILED JUNE 14TH AND AMENDED JUNE 29, 2004) comes word that In the Ecclesiastical Court of the Archdiocese of Boston Denunciation of U.S. Senator John F. Kerry for (five counts of) Heresy.

Count 1: Heresy
Count 2: Diabolical Scandal Leading to Heresy
Count 3: Immediate Formal Cooperation in Heresy
Count 4: Abjection of the Sacred Species
Count 5: Diabolical Scandal Leading to Murder

Now I'm no Catholic, although my wife and her family are, however these charges to me read as serious as anything I've ever read about concerning the Catholic Faith. Did Kerry get himself in trouble not only with his comments about Mary Cheney, but his comments about a woman's right to choose and how he disagrees with the Catholic Church on this issue. Didn't he also say he voted against partial birth abortion?(MIKE'S NOTE, SUIT WAS FILED JUNE 14TH AND AMENDED JUNE 29, 2004) It appears the penalty, if found guilty, is excommunication. How does that play with Catholic voters?
Mover Mike

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