Sunday, October 03, 2004


Sunday October 3, 2004

Came across Baseball Crank in POLITICS: You Can Tell A Man By The Company He Keeps.
Time and time and time again, America's enemies have argued against us - and Kerry has echoed their charges. I'd rather trust the national defense to someone who's not so quick to echo the words and strategies of our enemies.

TigerHawk has a great post Why John Kerry is a sheep in hawk's clothing. I have argued that we can move forward with The Bush Doctrine or stay with the policy of appeasement.

TigerHawk says:
Appeasement is a popular response to aggression because it appears to prevent war. More often than not, though, appeasement only delays war. Appeasement can make war more likely, and such wars that ultimately transpire are much more difficult than they need be because they are then fought at a time and place of the aggressor's choosing.

Over at TCS Tech Central Station, good article about Kerry who claims to be better at coalition building than President Bush.
But look at his campaign rhetoric, and you will see that far from being an alliance-builder, Kerry gives every indication of being a President who would spurn help and allies via a mixture of clumsy personal diplomacy and gratuitous insults aimed at America's friends abroad.

Finally, at Power Line, Official Report Says Saddam Bribed France, Russia,through the Oil For Food Program, we are learning who really was "bribed and coerced".
The report says oil was given to key countries: “The regime gave priority to Russia, China and France. This was because they were permanent members of, and hence had the ability to influence decisions made by, the UN Security Council. The regime . . . allocated ‘private oil’ to individuals or political parties that sympathised in some way with the regime.”

If things get too serious, I have to remember Kerry's Pottery Barn Motto:
"You Break it, you fix it!"

There, I feel better now!

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