Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Those 600,000 Tons of Explosives Part 2

As I concluded in Those 600,000 Tons of Explosives on Monday 10/25 "To my daughter, we were right to go in. Thank the French and Germans and the left in this country for the delay. The war will be prolonged because eventually we will have to deal with those 600,000 tons of explosives."
Bill Gertz in The Washinton Times has learned, as just reported in The Drudge Report, that Russian Special Forces helped move weapons from Iraq to Syria in the weeks prior to March of 2003.

Now, we know we are at war, at least since 9/11! As a consequence of the WTC attack, we went after Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. We declared that there is an Axis of Evil; including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, N. Korea, Libya and now probably Russia and maybe Saudi Arabia. We declared you are either for us or against us. We sought to use the UN and 18 Resolutions to get Sadaam's compliance with disarmament agreed to after the first Gulf War. Our supposed friends or allies delayed and delayed allowing materiel to be shipped out of Iraq. We know that at least two countries, France and Germany, were being bribed with the Oil For Food money.

It's time to change the rules of the war. It's time to scrap our support and participation in the UN. It's time to stop those in this country who give aid and comfort to the enemy. It's time call this behavior by its name: Treason. It's time to stop fighting with one arm tied behind our backs. We have satelites. We can see if trucks are ferrying materiel across the border into Syria. We had a no fly zone in the north and the south. Why the hell didn't we stop those trucks!
Mover Mike

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