Monday, October 25, 2004


Those 600,000 Tons of Explosives

Before the war in Iraq to rid the world of Sadaam, my daughter and had a discussion of the pros and cons of going in there, as I'm sure many dads and daughters did at that time. I remember saying at the end of our discussion, "The worst outcome would be to go in and find no WMD's." And that really is the essence of the Kerry challenge. He argued while Clinton was in office that there were WMD's. That Sadaam was a threat. Edwards argued Sadaam was an imminent threat. Yet there were no WMD's. Bush is accused of lying, that there were other countries that were a greater threat, like N. Korea and Iran. So with that in mind it was interesting to Belmont Club commenting on That Missing RDX
...the RDX explosive was already gone by the time US forces arrived.

...most of the damage had already been inflicted by the dilatory tactics of America's allies which allowed Saddam the time and space -- nearly half a year and undisturbed access to Syria -- necessary to prepare his resistance, transfer money abroad and disperse explosives (as confirmed first hand by reporters).

...much of the really "criminal" neglect may be laid on the diplomatic failure which gave the wily enemy this invaluable opportunity. The price of passing the "Global Test" was very high; and having been gypped once, we now show ourselves eager to be taken to the cleaners again.

To my daughter, we were right to go in. Thank the French and Germans and the left in this country for the delay. The war will be prolonged because eventually we will have to deal with those 600,000 tons of explosives.
Mover Mike

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