Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Why I Will Vote For Bush and Why I Am Against Kerry

I will vote for Bush because he connects with people. He believes we can make better decisions with our incomes than Washington. Bush is the guy next door. I would like to have a Bar B Que with the guy next door or talk about the Beavers and Ducks, share a non-alcoholic beer. The words he speaks about his wife and daughters are real and touching. I was glad to finally hear Bush say "in 1990 we assembled a large coalition, to repel Iraq from Kuwait, sanctioned by the UN and Kerry voted against it". Kerry "the wonk" doesn't have core beliefs. I am concerned that Kerry would never stand up for Americans and our way of life. The humorless Kerry finally laughed at himself in the last debate, but his wife doesn't share top billing with his Mom. I think that is a metaphor for his foreign policy.

I believe The Bush Doctrine is as important today as The Truman Doctrine was for the aftermath of WWII. For so many years we haved refused to act in our interests, even when attacked. It's about time!

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