Sunday, November 07, 2004


Back from the Coast...this Sunday

I see that UPI has a story about Pres. Clinton, saying he was prepared until 1998 to Nuke N. Korea in retaliation for an attack on S. Korea or a preemptive attack according to some from S. Korea. Pres. Bush is expected to be tougher on N. Korea in his second term.
Mover Mike

And, the Guardian Unlimited has a story about the new reality show.
In a new Channel 4 reality show on common sex problems, volunteer couples make love on camera while presenter Tracey Cox advises on their performance. Energy, she says, is more important than good looks.
Now doesn't that just beat all. When I was growing up, as a male I thought the ideal job would be a gynocologist, or a door to door brassiere salesman. Now I find I could have been a critic, judging couples on their sexual performance.
Mover Mike

And, Ragman at Free Republic posts:
Sunday night the 60 Minutes crew corrects last Sunday's story on the under supplied National Guard troops. It states that when they said that other guardsmen were killed by improperly protected vehicles, that they were wrong that the information given them by the guard was incorrect.

I am not making this stuff up. What ever jappened to pruf reeding or fact checking?
Mover Mike

From NewsMax:
In a bombshell development that could have turned President Bush's victory into a landslide had it come out before the election, John Kerry wrote in his Vietnam War diary that he met with "terrorists" in Paris - a revelation that "flabbergasted" his running mate, John Edwards.
Mover Mike has a story about embeds getting cold feet about being with the Marines as they prepare to attack Fallujah.
One photographer, who has prided himself since his arrival here, on being in more than 17 conflicts, says he is more worried about this operation than any before. Because of the tactics the insurgents are using there is much more uncertainty, he explained. He went on to say that he did not expect to have this much access or be this involved with the Marines when he arrived.
Say a prayer for peace!
Mover Mike

The Jerusalem Post reports that
The BBC has received some 500 complaints about (Barbara) Plett's broadcast, which was broadcast on its Radio 4 program, "From Our Own Correspondent."

In her report, Plett said: "When the helicopter carrying the frail old man(Arafat) rose above his ruined compound, I started to cry . . . without warning."
I have never cried without warning. I can always feel it coming on. First, there's a tightness in my chest, my breathing becomes shallow, my chin starts to quiver, tears well up in my eyes, and then roll down my cheeks. I have gotten mad at stupidity... without warning.
Mover Mike

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