Monday, November 15, 2004


Hillary to move to Center

Many of my friends are Democrats and they have almost all come out of their depression. So, again, I have some advice for you, prompted by the headline in WND, Hillary Clinton's image softens, moves to center . Email her! Call her! Write her letters! Dear Sen Clinton be proud to be a leftist. We all knew that Kerry was a leftist as are the majority of your party. He screwed your chances by trying to be everything to all. People want to know details of "the plan" before voting. Call yourself a lefty! Be proud and quit running away from who you are. If you differentiate yourself from the Republicans, you offer America a choice. Be anti-war, support deleting "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance as you did God from our schools. Support a progressive tax and promote nationalization of healthcare. Talk up the Canadian system and Europe's. Tell us it's America's fault there are terrorists in the world. Tell us we should have a special tax, money to be administered by the UN, for a welfare system like we had in the US before welfare reform. Tell us where you get your news and how trustworthy the MSM is, after all who has more resources. Tell us which of the Hollywood elite will be filling out your cabinet.
My final piece of advice, Run Hillary in 2008. I know she is a Senator, none have faired well since the original JFK, if you called getting shot fairing well. She starts off with 43% negatives and 54% saying she shouldn't run. Go ahead, run her, and I'll have the Zoloft ready for you in 2008.
Mover Mike

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