Thursday, November 18, 2004


Iran and Nuclear Proliferation, Decision Time Soon

Financial Sense Online has a very informative article by Jim Willie CB, PUTIN SHAKES THE PETRO-DOLLAR REGIME.
Observers and analysts alike are focused upon terrorist risk. They should pay greater notice to financial retaliation and grand shifts in its foundational structure. The United States owns tremendous superiority on the military battlefield. Our greatest vulnerability is financial, from the foreign dependence on credit supply, from supply chain import of energy and other commodities, and most of all from the continued acceptance of the petro-dollar system which serves as the foundation of the world monetary system. The petro-dollar is showing cracks, decay, and moss. Rivets are loose on the USDollar manhole cover. Prepare for change. These topics are fully discussed and analyzed in my private newsletter.
Putin is arguing that oil should be priced in Euros and currently countries hold large reserves of USD's to settle purchases for imports. If the USD supremacy ends we would see much higher interest rates here and a much lower dollar.
Mover Mike

Here's a horrible thought. You as a nation decide that nuclear proliferation ends at the entrance to Iran. You decide that further development will be stopped by force.
Iran's secret uranium enrichment site, revealed this week by an Iranian opposition group, is housed below a luxury development complex in which civilians live, military sources told WorldNetDaily.
Who wants to talk with the press about the after-action?
Mover Mike

Elsewhere, in WND Exclusive Commentary Iran goes nuclear: The handwriting is on the wall
The problem is Israel. Having lost over 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, the Jews are not about to allow Iran to go operational with a nuclear capability. A pre-emptive strike by Israel seems inevitable, regardless of the operational complexity of taking out over 300 largely hidden and buried nuclear sites spread around Iran. The United States has already sold to Israel the bunker buster bombs that would be needed in such an operation. A combined Israeli strike of commandos on the ground and firepower from the air would be better done with U.S. cooperation, but the Israelis are unlikely to wait long for permission.
Mover Mike

The WSJ Opinion Journal on Friday covers Iran, the IAEA, the Europe Three and our options and says
Another alternative that should be put aside is trying to bomb our way out of the problem set. Although this option has its proponents, neither we nor the Israelis can do it without making our current Middle East headaches much, much worse. We simply don't know where all of Iran's nuclear activities are. Nor can we target every Iranian nuclear engineer who surely will rebuild whatever might be bombed. With Iraq and the war on terrorism still at issue, waging war now with 69 million Iranians without clear legal cause would risk strategic failure.
I'm afraid we are going to make some critical decisions soon with respect to Iran and the enforcement of the proliferation treaty.
Mover Mike

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