Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Michael O'Brien and Moral Values

My reading, lately, has branched afield. I came across the terms Moral Relativism and Moral Absolutism and that led to the writings of Michael O'Brien. I read, first, The Plague Journal and just finished Father Elijah. What brought this to mind was the Drudge headline Netherlands Hospital Euthanizes Babies. O'Brien argues from a Catholic perspective that the West is being propagandized to give up its values of right and wrong given to us by God and, consequently, is declining; values embodied in the Ten Commandments and The Seven Deadly Sins. Two things are especially repugnant to O'Brien, abortion (over 1.4 million babies are killed each year in this country) and euthanazia. What we have is a cultural divide in this country and this may be one reason for so much hate for President Bush and so much controversy about his faith.
Mover Mike

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