Friday, November 12, 2004


Proposition 200

Sam Francis at V-Dare declares that after Bush got 84% of the conservative vote, he has kicked us in the teeth twice. First, by bringing back Amnesty disguised as "temporary workers visa program" and by nominating Alberto Gonzales for AG, apparently a "liberal" and pro-choice! All this after Arizona passed Prop 200 which basically says, according to Bryanna Bevens at V-Dare:
...if you are not a citizen:
* You are not allowed to vote ANYMORE.

* You are not allowed to benefit from tax-paid, state services ANYMORE.

In a nutshell, if you are going to illegally enter the U.S., seek welfare benefits, put your kids in public school, commit a violent crime, demand a language other than English or vote in any election, I would not recommend you set your sights on Arizona……perhaps California?
I suspect that other states will propose their own "Prop 200" and that may get out the vote as much as bans on gay marriage did in 2004.
Mover Mike

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