Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reality Check: the stock market initially up over 158 Points, now closed up just over 100 Points. The US Dollar was at 1.27 to 1 Euro, now has dropped to 1.28231 to 1 Euro. Oil is back above $50.00 per barrel. Gold is up almost $6.00 per ounce.
3:30 PM Mover Mike

Carl Limbacher at NewsMax
Catholics Put Bush Over the Top in Key States

I want to say hello to my daughter Erica, who is visiting froends in Saarbr├╝cken. She is staying up late to watch the returns come in starting at 2:00 AM when east coast returns start coming in. She says, "Europe for Kerry." I have to wonder how long Europe will be anti-Bush when I see news like this:
Theo van Gogh, who angered Muslims with a film that said Islam encouraged violence against women, was shot dead on Tuesday. A man with Dutch and Moroccan nationality was arrested for the killing, and suspected of Islamic extremist motives.
then there's Beslan and the bombing in Spain.

Just saw Lanny Davis on FOX talking about the results of the election and the deep differences between the red and blue states. He appeared tired and on the verge of tears. He opined that Bush was a decent man who in the early days of his first term reached across the aisle to the "Ted Kennedys", to the center. "A party must govern from the center", he said., (As if the Democrats occupy the center! That's the reason for the bias in the media. They think they are mainstream.) Then Bush moved right and that caused the problems. He hoped in order to heal the differences, Bush must move back to the center. What BS!
It's always the Republicans that are required to move left, compromise. It's time for the left to move to the right, to realize that theirs is an old message of the 60's. We have become people who are very invested in our attitudes and opinions and there is no compromise. You either join us or get out of the way.
Mover Mike

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