Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Revisit Peter Ames Carlin

I like Peter Ames Carlin's column in The Oregonian. For the most part, I find his insight on TV land very interesting. When it comes to Dan Rather, as I've posted in the past we disagree and this morning's column is no exception.
Love him or hate him. But in a medium defined increasingly by the sleek and the corporate, Rather is the last of a rare breed. He's a human being, as passionate, flawed and emotional as they come. And, as Rather's ratings seem to attest these days, that sort of thing doesn't cut it on network TV anymore.
Peter, the plummeting ratings are not about his flamboyance and his passion, but his bias. He has proved time after time that his paradigm of what is mainstream does not align with the majority, and so they desert his show.
Mover Mike

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