Thursday, November 04, 2004


Sen. Dodd, "We Democrats Are out of Touch!"

Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia wrote for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
"Secular socialism, heavy taxes, big spending, weak defense, limitless lawsuits and heavy regulation — that pack of beagles hasn't caught a rabbit in the South or Midwest in years.
I have seen a lot of Democratic Blogs this morning asking the question "What went wrong" another said, "I am so tired of losing!" The answer has been there for all of you to see and you refuse to see or listen. A life-long Democrat speaks to the RNC and he is ridiculed by you and the MSM. Another called himself a patriotic American, yet proceeded to trash the man, with the most vile of words, that 59 Million just reelected. Your party has been hijacked by the left.
Even though the Democrats chose the Senate's No. 1 leftist for their presidential nominee, Green Party leader Jo Chamberlain told the San Francisco Chronicle that leftists should now abandon the Democrat party.

"We stepped aside and told the Democrats, 'Go get the White House,' and they failed," she grumbled. "So now, the progressive left is suffering because of their poor planning and leadership."

You are out of touch. Americans don't want to see their flag burned, we get a lump in tour throats when we sing God Bless America, we like to say "Under God" when we salute the flag. We are tired of your constant class warfare (we all want to be rich), we want to be left alone to conduct our business. We are tired of the tax mess. The tax code is out of control and a symptom of big government. We are tired of being surprised by our CPA days before April 15th. We are tired of hyphenated Americans. We are the most generous nation in the world. We will go anywhere and give of what we have to help another country in distress. We are tired of you always hearing it's America's fault.

I notice that many of the liberal blogs link to the New York Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post. Try weaning yourself from the MSM, NPR, Air America, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS. Try listening to the Swift Boat Vets instead of Michael Moore. Try enjoying art and stop listening to the artists.
I know this will set you off, but listen to Rush Limbaugh. Sure he is full of himself, ignore it. He tried to tell you what was wrong with your campaign and message. My God, it was free consultation. He can tell how you will react to almost any news story, because you are so out of touch. Try listening to Pat Caddell.
Someone posted this morning "we need to broaden our party". You are losing your base. Blacks don't like your gay marriage bias. Jews don't like your appeasement and accomodation. People of faith don't like taking God out of anything. Women don't like you demeaning the value of being a Mom. Men who fought for this country know what aid and comfort is, and you have lost all their votes.
Mover Mike

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