Thursday, November 04, 2004


You've got to spread joy up to the maximum...Johnny Mercer

I am fascinated by the article in Busines Week OnlineThe World Has Changed, Not The Dems.
A VALUES DIVIDE. Until Dems come up with a compelling call to modernity, they'll have trouble snagging enough suburban swing voters and urban investors to build an Electoral College majority.
I said on November 3rd
It's time for the left to move to the right, to realize that theirs is an old message of the 60's.
Hugh Hewitt in the Weekly Standard said
The End of the Sixties
More than a win for conservatism, Bush's victory marks the end, finally, of the '60s.
Again Business Week Online:
The biggest reason that the coalition won't jell: Democrats must come to grips with the reality that they are increasingly on the losing side of America's cultural divide. In this election, millions of blue-collar economic populists rejected a Massachusetts liberal because they felt he did not share their values on issues ranging from abortion to affirmative action, from guns to gay rights.

More than two-thirds of churchgoing Christians -- including millions who disapproved of the President's handling of the economy and the war in Iraq -- nevertheless voted for Bush. The cultural chasm cost Kerry dearly in states he badly needed to win, such as Missouri, Iowa, and West Virginia.

ATTACKS ON SERVICE. Complicating Democratic comeback efforts is the specter of terrorism. For two elections -- in 2002 and 2004 -- Republicans have successfully used security fears to beat the opposition. The Democratic weak-on-terrorism label is a throwback to the Vietnam era and its aftermath, when the party was tagged as soft on defense.

I am a Republican, why should I care if the Democrats get their act together?. I care because there is no effective rein on Republican's power and I feel the party has moved too far left. There is no spending restraint, there has been no legislation to curb the corruption that gave us Enron and WorldCom. Both parties lie to us about our debt preferring to use Unified Budgets which understate our deficits vs GAAP accounting. We have done a 180 with our currency. The founding fathers warned against a currency that was not backed by silver and gold. Both parties prefer to use government solutions to problems rather than market solutions. IMHO, Roe v Wade will be overturned. Who is talking about the rich going to Sweden and the poor to the alleys?
"The way for us to put together a winning coalition is to talk about big ideas, like Clinton did," says Al From, CEO of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. "When we break up into constituency groups and try to piece together a coalition, it never works."
You want to win the hearts and minds with big ideas? Put the IRS out of business. End the charade and expense of April 15th. Find a solution that is fair and easy. Speaking of "fair". Americans don't want a Progressive Income Tax. Everyone should pay the same percentage and everyone should be encouraged to make as much as possible, legally. Fix Social Security. Why should we pay into a system that is basically a Ponzi scheme and worry about the funds being there at our retirement. You know it's in trouble. There will be in the near future, one worker for every one retiree. Another problem searching for a big idea: we have 11,000,000 illegal aliens in this country! About 1,000,000 illegals come across our borders every year. In the Blue Mountains of Oregon or Highway 26 to the coast signs are posted "Watch for Deer". In San Diego on the freeways are yellow signs showing a Father, Mother and child. The sign warns of illegal aliens crossing the freeways. These people are here seeking a better life. They want to feed their families. You want the Hispanic vote, solve the problem and don't piss off the displaced.
I suspect you are in trouble with blacks and jews. What have you done for them lately? The Republicans could lose the conservatives if they keep finding socialism and big government as a solution. You want back in power? Out Free Market the Republicans, as they have out socialized you and taken your issues. You better get busy, because Bush may outsmart us all by doing away wuth the IRS and privatizing Social Security.
Mover Mike

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