Sunday, December 12, 2004


Bible Code

Here's a story I have been following for years and it hasn't lost its fascination for me: Mathematics bombshell: God 'confirmed in Bible' Skeptical statistician IDs hidden messages that 'prove' Scripture's divine authorship
(Edwin)Sherman, founder of the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society and a professional mathematician, is convinced that the Hebrew Bible contains coded messages that are evidence of God's authorship of the Bible. His book, "Bible Code Bombshell: Compelling Scientific Evidence that God Authored the Bible," describes numerous examples of encoded phrases and sentences that are both lengthy and relevant to the text where they were found.
From what I've read the first five books of the Old Testament must be reproduced down through the centuries exactly, with no deviations, as first written. It is in these five books that Isaac Newton was convinced contained code, and due to its complexity, could only have been written by an enormous intellect or God. So far it doesn't seem to predict, but record an event after it happens. We only now, with computers and advaced mathmatics, have the ability to decode passages.
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