Saturday, December 04, 2004


Saturday December 4th, 2004

Happy Birthday, Pop, on this your 84th Year!

Gleanings from the Web: Man gets probation in botched castration

A man who botched the castration of a transgendered woman will spend the next three years on probation.


...he thought he could do it because of his experience castrating animals on a farm.
I suspect some things you learn on the farm should stay on the farm. The Basque sheep ranchers in eastern Oregon bit them off!
Mover Mike

Woman dies in assisted suicide after being taken to Switzerland

A CHRONICALLY ill British woman at the centre of a High Court euthanasia battle has died in an assisted suicide in Switzerland
Euthanasia is spreading!
Mover Mike

Schools Take the "Christ" out of Christmas--and Celebrate Ramadan

In Herndon, Va, a Muslim "multicultural trainer" taught third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students about the practices and beliefs surrounding Ramadan. This included presenting the call to prayer and displaying religious artifacts such as prayer rugs. In public school classrooms across the country, similar efforts are being made to educate students about aspects of the Muslim faith
First, the warnings in Portland, OR about the Boy Scouts and now this!
Mover Mike

New method helps map women’s happiness

Having sex is the high point of most women’s’ days, while commuting is the low point. And most women like being with their kids less than they will admit, according to a study published Thursday.
They did say sex is the high point of most women's "days"! Where does she find the time?
Mover Mike

Get 'em while they're hot: Stadium franks go organic

Consumers are demanding healthier food everywhere — even at the ballpark. Some fans want food they feel is not only more nutritious, but also safer. Certified organic foods are untouched by preservatives and pesticides, and the meat comes from animals not treated with hormones or antibiotics.
So you can chomp an organic hot dog while watching the hormone filled athletes play baseball.
Mover Mike

Emergency operation after school prank

Jack Watson (10 years old) had to have an emergency hour-long operation to reattach a testicle to the lining of his scrotum after friends gave him the excruciating "wedgie".
Maybe the transgendered woman should have gone to some 10 year old boys instead of that farmer.
Mover Mike

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