Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Tuesday December 14th

U.S. Trade Deficit Swells to Record $55.5B
America's trade deficit swelled to an all-time high of $55.5 billion in October as imports - including those from China - surged to the loftiest levels on record. Skyrocketing crude-oil prices also contributed to the yawning trade gap.
Experts were expecting $52.4 Billion. Seems like the lower USD hasn't had much effect yet. In the meantime Greenspan raises rates another 1/4 point.
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Mover Mike was started in September 2004, on October 28th this Blog hit 1000 Total Visitors. Today we went over 2000 Total Visitors. I'm a Marauding Marsupial in the TTLB Ecosystem. Whoopee! I am enjoying the writing. It has been my way to answer the things leftists say or believe, or share what I find interesting, for example, a Ted Kooser poem, the plight of the USD, and strange things people do. I am heading off to Cabo San Lucas for the first time and will be back in about a week. Hopefully, I will have figured out how to add pictures using Hello and Picasa.
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