Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Fox News Reports

Fox is reporting Berger Heist In Front of Grand Jury
WASHINGTON — The criminal probe into why former Bill Clinton aide Sandy Berger (search) illegally sneaked top-secret documents out of the National Archives (search) — possibly in his socks — has heated up and is now before a federal grand jury, The (NY)Post has learned.
Mover Mike

Fox is also carrying the The Asman Observer by David Asman on Che Guevara's Profile

During the Cuban missile crisis, Che wanted to fire nukes at the U.S. and was furious when Khrushchev (search) backed down. Che also organized firing squads in Cuba to execute hundreds of dissents. Even liberals recoiled at Che’s fanaticism. Columnist Nat Hentoff (search) met with Che in the early ‘60s, and asked if there would ever be free elections in Cuba. According to Hentoff, “Mr. Guevara burst out laughing at my callow naivete.”

Think of that paragraph as you clap and cheer at the end of The Motorcycle Diaries.
Tip of the hat to Free Republic.
Mover Mike

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