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Friday January 21st

On Wednesday I posted about Thailand has been told by the EC that it must buy six A380 Airbus aircraft if it wants to escape the tariffs against its fishing industry. posts that the US has issued some demands of our own about schrimp coming from Thailand. From Reasononline
Whether or not the subsidies are eventually revoked, it's a curious message we send to a region absorbing historic amounts of foreign aid. As American NGOs build elementary schools, immunize children, and promote school-feeding for poor Asians, American trade laws are sapping their chances for future employment, closing off markets and crushing industries where Asia has competitive advantages. Development bigwigs can offer a litany of reasons why billions in foreign aid have yielded precious little, but doubling handouts may not be the answer. I'm guessing that the farmers of Vietnam, Thailand, and India don't want to spend the rest of their careers accepting our aid. They just want to sell us shrimp.
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Jonah Goldberg says this after "The Speech"

...America itself is a radical nation...
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ir-blog - investor relations, international relations, and individual relations. Some nice quotes about Mover Mike. Has a good post $100 Oil? $750 Gold? quoted by permission from the daily London Irvine Report.
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Pundita posts

If you think the American government practices a double standard in dealings with undemocratic governments, that's a situation you can't do much about if you're not an American. What you can do much about is closely examine your own government's dealings with undemocratic governments; when you find instances of a double standard, lodge protest with your government.
In this way, many hands make light work of ending oppressive governments.
It appears the burden is on the citizenry of the US to hold any administration to account, if they deal with countries that don't meet the goals laid down by President Bush.

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