Friday, January 07, 2005


Friday January 7, 2005

Sen. Clinton's Ex-Finance Chief Indicted
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's former finance director(David Rosen) has been indicted on charges of filing fictitious reports that misstated contributions for a Hollywood fund-raising gala for the senator, the Justice Department said Friday.
Seems Peter Paul who hosted the event claims the cost was $1.2 Million, but Rosen said it cost only $400,000, allowing the Clinton campaign to divert $800,000 to other campaign needs. Once again "she's so smart" Hillary comes within the circle of corruption.

Do you recall this story in July of 2001:

Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes public abuse and corruption, has been cooperating with ABC News’ award-winning investigative reporter Brian Ross, for a story which is scheduled to be aired this Friday, July 13. The story centers around Hollywood mogul Peter Paul’s donations of over $2 million to Hillary Clinton’s Senate Campaign, which donations were never reported to the Federal Election Commission. Mr. Paul’s contributions were previously the subject of a report by renowned columnist Robert Novak entitled “Follow the Money; Probes don’t target politicians with dirty hands,” on June 28, 2001. In his column, Novak pointed out how the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, characteristically is prosecuting Mr. Paul, but not his political benefactor, Hillary Clinton, the Senator from New York
And from Judicial Watch: This COMPLAINT FOR DECLARATORY RELIEF, dated July 16, 2001, I quote in part section s 11 and 12
11. On July 16, 2001, Plaintiffs filed an administrative complaint at the Commission demonstrating that the candidate committee for Hillary Rodham Clinton, now U.S. Senator from New York, illegally accepted cash and in-kind contributions totaling almost $2 million dollars from one individual, specifically Plaintiff Peter F. Paul, in violation of 2 U.S.C. § 441a and 11 C.F.R. §§110.1 and 110.9.

12. In addition, Plaintiffs demonstrated in their administrative complaint that the candidate committee for Hillary Rodham Clinton illegally failed to report this contribution as required by 2 U.S.C. § 434(b) and 11 C.F.R. §104.3.
If I recall the FEC charged Paul with exceeding the limits of contributions. He didn't deny it, but Clinton did. Seems like the wheels of justice are slowly turning. Tip of the Hat to Baseball Crank
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