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Hillary Clinton and Peter Paul

Here's a refresher about Peter Paul and the current indictment of Hillary Clinton's former finance director, David Rosen. FEC Heat Hurts Hillary's VP Chances dated April 19, 2004.
Two of the event's organizers, Hollywood producer Peter Paul and charity fund-raiser Aaron Tonken, have detailed a series of transactions undertaken in conjunction with Hillary's campaign that could violate FEC regulations, with Paul charging that the campaign failed to report nearly $2 million he spent producing the event.
and in June of 2002 NewsMax had this:
with the raid conducted by the FBI last month (May, 2002) on another warehouse, this one chock-full of documents from her (Hillary Clinton's) 2000 senatorial campaign.

"The documents were seized in a May 30 raid of a California storage facility containing documents of Peter Paul, the entrepreneur who funded Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign with over $2 million in direct, in-kind contributions which were never reported by Hillary Clinton or her Senate campaign, as required by law," revealed the public interest law firm Judicial Watch in a press release late last week.
And on Aug 16, 2001 from Judicial Watch

Rather than submit declarations contesting the allegations, the Clintons, in pleadings filed August 14, chose to tell the court that the facts of the lawsuit should be assumed as true, yet the case should be dismissed anyway. This is a standard practice for motions to dismiss, which are what the Clintons are seeking. Interestingly, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton filed separate motions to dismiss with the court.

“Given the facts of the case, it speaks volumes that the Clintons have refused to go on the court record about Mr. Paul’s claims. Generally, defendants submit declarations denying allegations in lawsuits such as this one, and seek summary judgment. This is especially true if the lawsuit’s allegations concern criminal activity by the defendants. The fact that not one declaration was submitted disputing Mr. Paul’s evidence shows how strong our case is against the grifting former First Couple,” stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

You can draw your own conclusions!
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