Saturday, January 08, 2005


Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio

Captain's Quarters in Hillary's Bagman Gets Invite To Club Fed had this take on where that $800,000 may have gone
The news that Clinton used dirty money to push Rick Lazio out of the Senate will definitely interest the GOP nominee in 2006 opposing her re-election. That may wind up being Rudy Giuliani, although he has not acknowledged any interest in the race as yet. The Clinton association with illegal fundraising will not pass unnoticed the next time around, especially with a high-profile indictment pending. Even more, Rosen may wind up cutting a deal if the shenanigans went further up the campaign, making the entire mess even more embarassing for Hillary, and reminding New Yorkers of the ethical morass of the Clinton administration.

Is it just me or do you hear "ambitions" cracking like ice in New Hampshire in the spring?
Mover Mike

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