Friday, January 21, 2005


Little Earth Quakes

Earth Quakes You have to wonder, Did something get shaken loose on Dec 26th to cause this kind of activity around the Ring of Fire?

DATE-(UTC)-TIME Latitude Longitude Depth Magnitude Comments
yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss degrees degrees km

2005/01/21 16:46:57 1.61S 80.89W 10.0 4.9 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR

2005/01/21 16:15:05 1.28S 80.75W 10.0 4.5 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR

2005/01/21 15:26:37 1.09S 80.68W 52.8 4.8 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR

2005/01/21 13:45:14 1.12S 80.71W 10.0 6.0 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR

2005/01/21 04:30:32 1.13S 80.74W 31.1 4.8 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR

2005/01/20 19:07:17 1.18S 80.98W 32.4 4.6 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR

Mover Mike

Richard Russell writes today in Dow Theory Letters Inc. (by subscription only)

Today, January 21, we find both the Industrials and the Transports (along with all the other major stock averages) below their lows of December 2004. In my book this is a very ominous situation, and one that does not bode well for either the stock market or the economy in 2005.
Mover Mike

Tim W Wood in China Syndrome has some surprising things to say about China, based on his technical analysis

So, my technical work is telling me that odds favor a down turn for China and potentially a significant one. I will add that there is a high likelihood that this down turn is about to begin unfolding and should be confirmed with a break below the October 2004 low.

At the outside I would say that the Hang Seng could perhaps hold on for one more intermediate term cycle advance as the divergence builds even more. But, in either case the Hang Seng is setting up for a major fall. These divergences are like pressure that builds up deep within the earth along the fault lines. The more the pressure builds the greater the earthquake that follows. Unless these technical conditions are corrected China is setting up for a financial earthquake. This quake could occur with a small reading on the Richter scale. But, current indications are that we should expect something of greater magnitude that may just rock the entire world.

I believe that China is about to enter Phase II of the great global bear market. If it’s actually true that China has been responsible for so much of the “recovery” since 2002 then imagine what might happen if they do see a down turn. You have been warned!
Mover Mike

Finally, Hundreds of Aborted Babies Buried in Colorado

Hundreds of parishioners have attended the twice-a-year services at their Wall of the Unborn. This year, the parish has invited the world with a news release.

"It impacts all of us," LaVelle said, "and it impacts us to see the quantity of ashes that we bury each time."
Little Earth Quakes

Mover Mike

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