Monday, January 24, 2005


Monday January 24th

R.I.P. Johnny! I remember, while in high school, sitting on the floor watching Johnny with the sound turned low, my parents in bed. First, there was the Opening Monologue, timely humor on the days or weeks happening, then a skit, like Karnak. Johnny would devine the answer from a sealed envelope, Ed would repeat the answer, Johnny would look around like there was an echo, and then realize that it was Ed. Finally came the question! The guests came out after a lot of commercials, one by one, sat next to Johnny, chatted and laughed, touted their latest offering and then moved over to the couch. If I missed a show, inevitably the story next day from my buddies was about a young starlet that appeared in a see-through or low cut blouse. There was even the time when a breast fell out and the starlet calmly tucked it back in, so I'm told. How many times did I sit up late, seated on the floor waiting for just such a thing to happen. For this high schooler, Johnny was a window on the world.
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Eutychus Fell: Becoming Catholic has a fine post on a show that is becoming a must see (along with Desparate Housewives). Boston Legal is well written, witty and poignant.
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