Friday, January 21, 2005


Our New Role and Heresy Update

After al Qaeda by Charles Krauthammer
The great democratic crusade undertaken by this administration is going far better than most observers will admit. That's the good news. The bad news is a development more troubling than most observers recognize: signs of the emergence, for the first time since the fall of the Soviet empire, of an anti-American bloc anchored by Great Powers.
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Our first opportunity since The Speech Please help us by preventing from deporting to Burma

I would like to commence by stating that we - those who are presently imprisoned in Port Blair, the Andaman Island of India- are freedom fighters of Arakan and our organization, the National United Party of Arakan (NUPA), including its armed wing, the Arakan Army (AA), is a politico-revolutionary organization that formed on 5 January 1994 to fight the Burma's military regime.
And Burma is one of six (6) "Outposts of Tyranny".
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Over at TCS Overcoming the Constraints of Sovereignty by Sidney Goldberg

A chief complaint against the Bush inaugural speech is that he seems to ignore the constraints of sovereignty, which prevent the United States from encroaching on the legitimacy of even the most evil of regimes and proclaims their borders sacrosanct.

But sovereignty often has nothing to do with ethics and one can respect sovereignty and commit ethical crimes in doing so. Was it ethical to abide by the sovereignty of Sudan while it was committing genocide? Is it ethical for us to sit on our hands while millions of Africans are maimed or slaughtered?
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Update now from WorldNet Daily Heresy case pressed against Kerry, others
Catholic lawyer widens scope to Kennedy, Cuomo, Harkin

Citing a source in the archdiocese, Balestrieri said Archbishop O'Malley has been unable to address the charges against Kerry due to being overwhelmed by abuse cases against the church and the closure of parishes.

(Marc) Balestrieri(, a canon lawyer and director of the Los Angeles-based non-profit group De Fide) plans to reveal more details of his cases against the prominent Catholic politicians in a news conference Monday at the National Press Club in Washington.
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