Tuesday, January 04, 2005


SE Asia Tsunami and Fishing

Rich Pulham is my mentor and web traffic-building guru. We were talking about fishing in Utah and the SE Asia Tsunami. He said that the fishing industry has been hard hit in Thailand and Indonesia:Sungai Aceh fish breeders suffer RM10m losses
NIBONG TEBAL: Fish breeders living along coastal Sungai Aceh suffered losses of more than RM10mil following Sunday's tsunami onslaught.

The 3,000-strong fishing community included 110 fish breeders.

They have cage culture covering some 120ha, which is among the biggest fish breeding grounds in the country.

The cages contained fry and fishes between one and two years old.

It is believed that most of the fishes bred here were among the many found washed ashore along Pantai Aceh in Teluk Bahang after the tsunami waves receded.
You have seen the pictures of the smashed fishing boats, but Pulham wonders how many fishermen lost their lives that man the boats. And now there are some people in those countries who are refusing to eat the fish that are caught for fear of what the fish have been eating. It is hard to comprehend the level of disruption to a way of life from such a large scale event.
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