Thursday, January 27, 2005


Some Kudos and Welcomes

Nouriel Roubini's Global Economics Blog good article about the USD as a hot potato
The FT on BW2 free-riding and capital losses on holdings of dollar reserves: A "Hot Rotten Potatoes" Musical Chair Game...

Hugh Hewitt has written in BLOG... how blogs are effecting the MSM. BuzzMachine has an interesting post Advertisers: You have lost control of your message. Get over it. about that VW ad and how advertising is changing, saying the customer is democratising advertising.

CALIFORNIA YANKEE has an update on

House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. introduced a bill to restrict illegal aliens' ability to obtain and use driver's licenses.

Neal Boortz has a scathing article about a bill in Georgia that like Kelo v. City of New London will take away our property rights.

Well, let me introduce you to SB5 .. a wonderful little piece of legislation now resting in the Georgia State Senate. SB5 is the brainchild of one Eric Johnson, a Republican from Savannah. Senator Johnson is the President Pro Tem of the Senate. He is also a Republican. Oh ... and I understand that he is a real estate developer. Eric Johnson wants any government entity in Georgia to be able to seize private property, your home, your office, your raw land, and turn it over to a private developer. Your property would then become an office building, a parking garage, a transportation facility, a baseball stadium, a telecommunications facility or any number of other wonderful things. It would then be operated by the developer for profit, and at some time in the future would be turned over to the government that condemned it.

Desert Rat Ramblings has an update on Sudan.

What is being called "ethnic cleansing" by the media is really this:

The African people are being systematically killed by their own government and Arab militias, known locally as Janjaweed.

When you hear the word "rebels" in the news, they are referring to the inhabitants of that area that are fighting to defend their homeland, their families...and they are being murdered...muslims systematically murdering 'non-believers'...hmmm...where have I heard that before...???
Where is President Bush?

Doug Petch posts about The Superbowl Ad You Won't See

Eutychus Fell: Becoming Catholic discusses a movie I'm going to rent Wide Awake

Here's Corporate Taxation 101 From On High

I oppose any and all taxes on America's corporations; state, federal, municipal. The reason? We end up paying them.

Gay Patriot's new cause:

There is no reason why a photo ID should not be required to vote when it is required to buy liquor, cigarettes, board a plane, and enter a Federal building. I'm going to make this my cause celebre this year because I think with what we've seen in Wisconsin and Washington State... to not do something would further erode the confidence in our election process.
Let me end this post by welcoming:

Duckwriter - (I'm a Beaver, but here's an interesting Duck!

Faneufy's Truth - a proponent of the Loonetariun Philosophy

K A D N I N E - a new blogger from Kentucky who has the taste to put Hugh Hewitt on his Blogroll

Random thoughts . . . - before the gavel falls. The quiet musings of a humble country lawyer in the big city.

The Blog from the Core - Needless Commentary from Small-Town America

Weapons of Mass Discussion - The battle over illegal aliens and homeland security is heating up in the nation's capital, as President Bush is being challenged by fellow Republicans on the best course of action.

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