Saturday, January 22, 2005


TigerHawk Does Us A Favor

Don't miss this. TigerHawk has done us righties a big favor by reading the lefties' posts, so we don't have to, and compiling them in Carnival of the Commies #2: The best of the Left in the week just passed You'll read about Crooked Timber's Ted Barlow, Crooked Timber's John Quiggin, Iraqi Letter to America, Kevin Drum, Tom Tomorrow, There is an interesting post about ownership when you link, which goes to the ethics of blogging, a hot topic since Williams and those bloggers hired by the Dean campaign. James Wolcott doesn't like the use of "fisking". Seems its demeaning and close to being sexual. There's more, much more. Thank you TigerHawk for all that work, just don't join the other team.

Mover Mike

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