Sunday, January 02, 2005


Today's Technology

Tip of the hat to Metafilter for finding this cartoon about Procrastination.

Tip of the hat to Slashdot for the predictions about VOIP in 2005. It's easy to make predictions. Too many predictors don't show you last years predictions to help you judge this years. Voxilla posts both.

Am I the only one without an iPod? I read the other day, if I recall correctly, 800,000 iPods were sold in the 3rd Quarter and an estimated 4,000,000 will be sold in the 4th Quarter. Why do I need one? I have a sound system on my computer that holds all songs of all my CD's. I have a CD player in my car. My wife has a CD player in her showroom and on her computer. I am missing a sound system in the shower, but that's where I come up with some of my best solutions to problems I am working on. I "could" use one when my wife and I take the dog for a walk, but we use those times to connect, talk with the dog, neighbors, and if the weather turns snowy, to hear the crunch of shoes as they pack the snow. I have always loved that sound.
Sometimes I believe there is too much noise. What would I have done with an iPod in John Day in the fossil beds that summer. There was no one around, just me sitting on a rock under a sunny sky and a hawk crying overhead. Don't you feel like such a fool when you warn a wearer of an iPod about the speeding truck, and you realize they can't hear you.
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