Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Wednesday January 26th

California Attorney General files federal lawsuit against Conscience Law.
Congressmen Dave Weldon and Henry Hyde sponsored a bill (and signed into law by President Bush) that protected hospitals, physicians and other medical personnel from being coerced or compelled to participate in abortion activities. In fact, the legislation specifically stated that no hospital receiving federal funds shall compel its participants to engage in abortions. The penalty for coercing participation in abortion activities is a loss of the federal funding.

In the lawsuit, Lockyer states that the right to abortion supersedes any other right, including the right of conscience.

Mover Mike

Our friend Gina gave us two free tickets to see the sneak opening of Million Dollar Baby last night. I had read many reviews and was aware that many conservative reviewers didn't like the movie for one reason, which I won't mention here. I was prepared to vote for Best Picture either for Sideways or Aviator, and after seeing Being Julia, Annette Benning for Best Actrress.

All that changed after seeing Million Dollar Baby. This may be Clint Eastwood's best work yet. I love the way he squints. I love to look at his face with its lines and wrinkles. The closeups of the actors' faces is rarely in full light, but half shaded as if we are all Yin and Yang. It is a great story told by Morgan Freeman, an ex fighter who was blinded in one eye in his 109th fight. The viewer is not told about the characters actions, but shown. Most powerful of all was the performance by Hillary Swank as a "girlie" boxer. She is all heart, work ethic, and unbelievable power in the ring. I lost track of the fact that she was an actress. I think this movie will be a "KO" when the Academy votes! Thank you Gina for a great evening.

Mover Mike

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