Thursday, January 06, 2005


What's the truth here?

What's the truth here? Bradley Graham of The Washington Post writes:
Reservists May Face Longer Tours of Duty Army leaders are considering seeking a change in Pentagon policy that would allow for longer and more frequent call-ups of some reservists to meet the demands of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, a senior Army official said yesterday.

Reservists are being used heavily to fill key military support jobs, particularly in specialty areas, but Army authorities are having increasing difficulty limiting the active-duty time of some normally part-time soldiers to a set maximum of two years, the official said. He described the National Guard's 15 main combat units as close to being "tapped out."

Then The US Army Professional Writing Collection has an article titled: Supplying Ammunition: The Lifeblood of the Military

Today, the United States has but a single government-owned production facility for small caliber ammunition, a plant that was opened during World War II. Despite recent increases, funding levels still are not adequate to address the full range of demands confronting the munitions industrial base, including replenishing diminished stockpiles, modernizing production capabilities, and simultaneously, preparing for a future of advanced weapons and munitions. The munitions industrial base faces serious challenges including an aging production base, single-point sources of supply, changing foreign dependencies, inadequate investment, shrinking stockpiles and a lack of surge or rapid replenishment capacity.
There seems to be some serious concern about the readiness of our US Military. If it is true, then be prepared for a draft and for even more "defense" spending. One result could be the experience we had under Johnson. He tried to provide both guns and butter and inflation took off, then Nixon came along freed us from the "thermostat" of Gold. Nixon also tried wage and price controls. How is this going to end differently?
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