Sunday, February 13, 2005


Amelia and Mississipi Studios

Last night Beverly, her sister Carol and I went to Mississippi Studios on
N. Mississippi Ave to see Amelia live. I posted about this upcoming event here.
An old church once stood where Mississippi Studios is now, torn down and replaced by this small recording studio, teaching facility and intimate setting. A musician or band may perform from the stage inside or on the floor with the audience. In this case Amelia, a Portland band of four or five (depending who is sitting in that night) generated great sounds from the stage where there were 10 additional seats. The dark rose colored room holds 70 or so. With the lights down low a picture of Willie Nelson could still be seen watching from the stage.

We discovered Amelia when Kink FM played "Jigsaw".
“Jigsaw” opens with a clanging guitar hook, a soft lounge-lizard rock/samba beat, and a languid vocal from Teisha Helgerson that likens love to a scattered puzzle.(No Depression Magazine - July/August 2004)
I immediately asked, "Who's that?"

Amelia consists of lead singer Teisha Helgerson, guitarist Scott Weddle, bass player Jesse Emerson, and Richard Cuellar on drums and percussion.

There is great pleasure in hearing music live. We were in the third row and enjoyed seeing the band up so close. They were casual with each other and the audience, almost like sitting in on one of their practices. I couldn't help stare at good looking Helgerson. Her delivery seemed effortless. When I wasn't staring, I was watching Weddle, so into playing a variety of guitars that I picked up some new riffs for my air guitar. A wonderful evening with Amelia and a wonderful venue.

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