Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Canada, Nukes, CNN's Jordan, Immigration and Iran

Back on Nov. 2nd, I wrote here about people in the US promising to move to Canada if Bush won. Charlottesvillain at TigerHawk has an interesting post about this subject The exodus continues. Apparently, some people are their word. Anybody know the whereabouts of Steve and Karen Crawford or Gretchen Witte? Are they still here in the states? The Lone Wolf has some thoughts, too.

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In a post on Jan 14th The Middle East is on the Brink of Going Nuclear, I posted about A Q Khan. Today in The TOMO Report PAKISTAN TO ARM ARAB REGIMES WITH NUKES? we have an update.

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Check out Michelle Malkin's update of the substantiation of Eason Jordan remarks. And...check out the filth that gets said about Malkin. There is NO place that this kind of gutter language is acceptable.
Hat tip to The Royal Flush
The Radical Centrist has some excellent commentary about the "blogswarm" and possible repercussions of comments by CNN's Jordan.

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The Kreeper's Korner gets published

Editor: Illegal immigration costs the United States billions of dollars every year in lost taxes and wages, health-care costs, fraudulent welfare claims, identity theft, increased education costs, and crime.
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I missed this! The Indepundit has an article about student protests in Iran

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