Thursday, February 24, 2005


Catching Up...

Do you "skype"? Making phone calls over the net It's coming faster than all that copper can be depreciated.

Mover Mike

The price paid for blogging Iran Everytime you complain about the Patriot Act, think of Iran. Iran jails blogger for 14 years

Mover Mike

At The Buck Stops Here Matt Evans has an excellent post about the "takings clause" and its application to Kelo v. City of New London. The bottom line for Evans is

The fact that the Takings Clause requires compensation when property is taken for "public use" in no way implies that property can be taken without compensation if it is for "private use." Instead, it implies that the government is not empowered to take property for "private use" under any conditions whatsoever.
Mover Mike

Spyware infiltrates blogs (hat tip: One more reason to use Firefox and avoid "Next Blog" for now.

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I've posted a lot about our porous borders and threat to our national security. The Hedgehog Blog has what I hope is a contribution to the debate about those illegals already here and what should our policy be. Immigration And The National Interest: Where Should Conservatives Stand?

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