Sunday, February 06, 2005


Congrats New England

New England wins again! I suspect it was closer than most experts thought it would be. I picked the wrong side to win. I picked the Eagles by one. It seemed that the Eagles were in no hurry in the last three minutes. I kept thinking about the Rush Limbaugh controversy about McNabb. Who knows? Good game though.

Mover Mike

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Heavy-Handed Politics - works for a non-profit in Minneapolis and follows the news of Proposition 200.

I just don't get it - An old happily married guy from Phoenix who just seems to be clueless about most everything that goes on in the world. (but is clued in about Proposition 200 and on the front line.

Pamibe - a Blog for Bush, who thinks we should have sealed our borders after 9/11

Mover Mike

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